Simplify Selling Your Products on Other Ecommerce Sites by creating a Reseller Network

Manufacturers and Ecommerce Merchants can sell on other sites that have Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento

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An Approved Network of Resellers will Increase Sales

You can achieve greater control and sales by simplifying the onboarding process for resellers who receive your catalog data. This includes managing who can resell your products and gaining insights into sell-through statistics. All of this can be accomplished while your resellers continue using their existing ecommerce solutions.



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Need to Manage Suppliers that You Purchase From Instead?

Avetti Supplier Connect

Expand Your Reach

Tap into New Markets and Reach Customers Outside of Your Own Site

Don’t limit your business to a single platform or customer base. Connect with resellers who specialize in your industry or have complementary products, and let them promote and sell your products to their customer base. 

Avetti Shop Connect opens the doors to these vibrant ecosystems, enabling you to display your products in front of a vast and diverse customer base. Leverage their expertise, network, and customer trust to gain access to new customer segments and markets that were previously untapped.

Increase Sales Channels

Build a Reseller Network and Multiply Your Sales Channels

One of the most remarkable advantages of building a reseller network is the ability to align with resellers who resonate with your target market. Unlike traditional sales channels, a reseller network enables you to handpick partners who have expertise in specific industries or cater to niche customer segments that align perfectly with your brand.

As your business scales and your reseller network grows, your products become available on numerous platforms, each with its own dedicated audience. Avetti Shop Connect empowers you to harness this power, providing you with the tools and capabilities to curate a reseller network that fuels your growth and amplifies your sales potential. Experience the transformational impact of a reseller network on your sales strategy with Avetti Shop Connect.

Supply or Drop Ship Flexibility

Stay on Top of Orders Across All Sales Channels

With multiple parties involved, managing orders and payments can be a complicated task for both resellers and suppliers. Avetti Shop Connect provides a transparent and efficient way to receive sell through data, and ewarranty cards if you supply a site.

You may choose for some resellers to drop ship instead of sending inventory to that Resellers warehouse.
If you drop ship you will receive orders, customer information and shipping details for each order automatically to your Ecommerce Site or via an API connection.   Tracking codes are also automatically sent to the Reseller Site.

You can also optionally sync your inventory levels in real time.  As soon as an order is placed, the inventory is automatically updated across all Resellers Sites, ensuring accurate stock availability. With this seamless integration, you can fulfill orders promptly, avoid stockouts, and never miss a sale opportunity.  With Avetti Shop Connect, you have a centralized hub on Your Ecommerce Site or via API to your systems where all Drop Ship Resellers orders are consolidated, giving you a holistic view of your sales and simplifying your fulfillment process.

For Resellers that do not drop ship you still receive valuable sell through statistics to know how much of the inventory you shipped has sold and to what cities.   If the Reseller agrees you can also receive E-Warranty card data when the sale on the Reseller site occurs.

Flexible Pricing For Businesses Of All Sizes

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Compare Sales Models

Unlock Your Sales Potential with Shop Connect

Traditionally, businesses had two main options to sell their products online: setting up their own website or joining a large marketplace. Now there’s a third option.

Your ShopYour Reseller NetworkAmazon (large marketplaces)
Customer Data
Full ownership over customer data.More control over customer data, allowing for personalized marketing and insights.No ownership of customer data
Visibility and Reach
Limited reach and visibilityGreater visibility and reach with a targeted approachSaturated market, limited reach and visibility
Stiff competition in crowded online marketLess competition, providing opportunities to stand out.High competition and limited visibility for smaller sellers.
Depends on your own effortsAbility to sell on relevant sites to enhance SEO rankingsLimited to one site

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